Our wealth management framework offers smart wealth management and financial advisory solutions. Our solutions are industry-specific, thus are tailored to meet specific client requirements.

We provide a well-designed solution that combines the power of analytics and visualization techniques, to get immediate access to actionable & meaningful data, in vivid & useful formats. Our solution also provides real-time insights that enable you to drive business outcomes, increase productivity and improve client experience.

Our framework seamlessly integrates with all the industry leading wealth platforms like Salesforce, RSA Archer, Blackrock, SimCorp Dimensions, et al.

Key Offerings

Customer 360-Degree View

Today consumers are digitally empowered and well-informed to make smarter choices and decisions. Financial advisory firms or institutions are now confronted with unprecedented challenges to provide better services to their customer’s rapidly evolving demands while meeting their impossible expectations.

Customer 360-Degree View is a simple, intuitive and customizable dashboard that leverages analytics capabilities to provide organizations a complete 360-degree view of their customers. It allows organizations to quickly access various touch points of its customers in a single repository to get actionable insights.

Our solution combines the following key aspects to provide a holistic view of customer’s behavior, investment appetite, demographics to deliver powerful dashboards.

Social Media Data

Sentiment Analysis, Historical Behavior, Product Comparisons, etc.

Behavior Data

Client Action Analysis, Customer Retention Analysis, Customer Churn Analysis, etc.

Profiling Data

Demographic Analysis, Risk Profile Analysis, Client Segmentation Analysis, etc.

Transaction Data

Transaction Data History, Position Data History, Pricing Data History, etc.

Our Capabilities:

  • Integrate portfolio and performance related data with customer analytics
  • Customize portfolio allocations and sector exposure based on the individual investment objective and risk appetite
  • Account-wide transparency and control
  • Leverages the power of traditional and Big data-driven data sets to personal preferences
  • Real-time contextual and actionable information
  • Utilization of raw organizational data assets/information from multi-business units perspective

Portfolio Analytics

Wealth managers have a daunting task to diverse the portfolios for their customers in such way that the portfolio has a right mix of individual securities, mutual funds, annuities, bonds and other types of assets.  The investment decisions in a disruptive business environment should be data-driven rather than being instinct-driven.

Portfolio Analysis is an intelligent and interactive dashboard of our framework, that helps wealth managers/ financial advisors to make an “analytics-driven investment decision” for their customers. It harnesses the power of predictive analytics to provide real-time custom reports and charts, to track competitor funds, and portfolio performance/ benchmarks. It allows organizations to evaluate their customer’s investment strategy and performance, based on various factors.

Our Capabilities:

  • Analyze historical performance of portfolios relative to various benchmarks
  • Evaluate portfolio performance on different asset allocation and security selection
  • Study portfolio performance and exposure, with the help of various graphical representations based on asset classes, sectors, geographic regions, duration, etc.
  • Identify and analyze the sources of individual portfolio’s historical performance for different sectors and securities
  • Benchmark and compare the performance of individual portfolios with various market indexes

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