Robotic Process Automation

Offload Your Tedious Tasks to a Digital Workforce

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), is the application of intelligent software robots (aka. “bots”) for automating your business processes. R Systems' RPA services offer increased operational efficiency, lowered costs, speedy business processes and a reduced count of full-time employees for mundane/ tedious tasks, amongst other benefits.

Key RPA Statistics


Cost Reduction in
Onshore Operations



Further Cost Reduction
in Offshore Delivery


6-9 months

Return on Investment Timeline



Workforce Activities
can be Automated

Source: McKinsey & Company


Actions in a Sequence
Performed by Bots

Source: Deloitte

110+ Million

Workers' Output adds up
to RPA Productivity

Source: McKinsey & Company

We facilitate convergence of robotic process automation with traditional business processes, thereby increasing your business agility. Our RPA development and consulting expertise include:

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    Cognitive Automation

    Intelligent automation comprising of bots, that learn as they process, by observing people at work

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    RPA Analytics

    Bots yielding real-time process statistics & operational analytics for high process efficiency

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    RPA Infrastructure

    Technology architecture & infrastructure needed for effective deployment of bots

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    Workforce Management

    Bots are a virtual workforce that can be controlled by the business operations team(s)

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    Bots on Demand

    Unmatched RPA scaling capabilities, that ensures ‘On-demand’ deployment of bots, at a short notice

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    Enterprise Automation

    Automate any process(es) end-to-end, while improving ‘Human-Bot’ collaborations

Key Business Process Targets for RPA

  • Repetitive, Mundane & Tedious Tasks
  • Decision-based Workflows
  • Mass Email Generation, Archiving & Extracting
  • Periodic Reporting, Data Entry & Data Analysis
  • Conversion of Data Formats & Graphics
  • ERP Transactions
  • Process Lists & File Storages
  • Form-filling, Invoicing & Multi-application Switching

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