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Uncover hidden Insights of your Data

Actionable insights demand trustworthy data. It is crucial to harness the power of data and analytics efficiently for business transformation. R Systems in collaboration with Information Builders is helping organizations operationalize and monetize their data by converting them into actionable insights.

How Can We Transform your Business?

Our data management platform solution helps organizations have complete administrative control over vital data assets. Intuitive and data-driven solution enables enterprises to have rapid access to time, ensure accuracy of data across all systems and processes on cloud or in-house.

Information Builder Services

Discover the impact you can make with trusted data that takes you all the way from insight to action.

  • BI and Analytics
  • Data Management
  • Accelerators
  • Business Outcomes


Allows users to create dashboard from the data collected in multiple formats from various sources.

  • Its capabilities are advanced capabilities are comprehensive, scalable, and proven
  • Intuitive BI and analytics are built on the IT-friendly WebFOCUS platform, ensuring efficient security, administration, scalability, metadata, and governance
  • WebFOCUS offers superior experiences with more flexibility

Data Management Platform

Helps organizations have complete administrative control over vital data assets

  • Comprehensive integration capabilities to ensure unmatched interoperability between disparate systems and data
  • Improves trust and the adoption of analytics by having real-time standardization, cleansing, and remediation of data
  • Have 360 degree view of business by leveraging data mastering and business-user collaboration
We will help you to Empower Your Business Growth

Khosrow 'Cas' Hassibi

Chief Data Scientist
R Systems Inc.

Jeff Johnstone

Director – Client Services, Analytics
R Systems Inc.

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