Analytics systems are designed and deployed to derive actionable intelligence with the sole aim to fuel the organizational success. The business value generated by the analytics solution is vital in determining its effectiveness. The ability of analytics systems in enabling the desired business outcomes largely depends on its successful implementation.

We have extensive expertise in identifying and deploying the right analytics systems that suit your business requirements, as well as enabling you to gain actionable insights. Our analytics SI service is a complete package that provides both simple results based models, and complex decision-making models, which include probabilistic scores that are real-time, granular-level and use-case specific.

Our definition of a successful analytics implementation is its ability to generate the desired business outcomes in the shortest possible time and in the most cost-effective manner possible. Our data scientists, analysts and expert consultants work in close synergy with your organization, to monitor the analytics models, identify degradations and verify input data, to ensure its smooth functioning.

We offer integration of industry leading analytics systems such as QlikView, PowerBI, Tableau, et al. Our implementation process incorporates:

  • Comprehensive Understanding of Existing Business Process(es) Selected for Employing the Analytics Results
  • Identifying Implementation Options Based on Business Requirements & Processes
  • Assessing Existing Technologies for Implementation
  • Recommending New Technologies
  • Evaluating Cost and Benefits
  • Benefits Realization and Implementation Roadmap
  • Addressing Change Management Issues

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