The exponential growth of data and information, both in terms of volume and variety, is forcing organizations to expand and enhance their data analytics capabilities to remain competitive. Organizations need to define and implement a robust analytics roadmap, moving beyond the traditional spreadsheets, dashboards or BI reporting tools.

The R Systems Analytics Maturity Assessment is a consulting engagement that helps organizations understand their current analytics maturity, and provides a comprehensive data and analytics roadmap to develop a culture of data-driven decision making.

Our analytics maturity model consists of Five Progressive Levels:

  • Beginner: Companies do not have a data-driven approach; business critical decisions are mostly “instinct-driven”; Analytics is limited to using spreadsheets or standard reports
  • Motivated: Companies start developing their interest in analytics; initiate analytics on ad hoc data silos to gain knowledge; limited organizational support for analytics driven decision making
  • Experienced: At this level, analytics becomes dominant across the organization; focus is given on specific business needs; top management realizes the value of analytics
  • Advanced: Companies are highly data-driven at this level with the use of analytics; capabilities are well-developed and practiced with appropriate governance; top executives commit to analytics and leverage reports and dashboards to get clarity
  • Transformed: Organizations at this level have enterprise-wide analytics capabilities with an analytics-driven decision making culture which promotes collaborative work environment

Our Approach

The journey from Raw Data to Intelligent Decisions can be very challenging. To achieve a state of analytics maturity, an organization would need to cover these Five Steps:

Data SkeletonData InfrastructureBusiness IntelligenceAdvanced AnalyticsBusiness Decisions

Once the above stages are in place, organizations then need to focus on building the following Four Pillars:

  • Data

  • Data Infrastructure and Tools

  • Analytics Algorithms

  • Application or Execution


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