Turn Your PDF Data into Business Insights

Extract Data from Your PDF Files

Medley® Technology Framework empowers you to quickly extract and convert any type of data from your PDF files into structured formats like CSV or Microsoft Excel to gain Real Time Actionable Insights.

Key Features + Benefits

Medley® is a technology framework that enables rapid development and deployment of custom data acquisition, aggregation, and transformation solutions that leverage virtually any data source, structured and unstructured, internal and public.


Extract data from any source, the way you need it.

  • Unstructured data (web, log files, social media, pdfs, etc.) extraction & parsing from external sources
  • Pattern detection during data extraction
  • Real time, on-demand and scheduled data extraction capabilities
  • Disruption free simplified integration with internal data assets of organization
  • Simplified integration with internal data sources


Organize data into structured web datasets.

  • Group data under one customizable category
  • Establish a centralized ecosystem for managing distributed complex datasets
  • Store aggregated data under a single structure in a Hadoop cluster
  • Define data structure on-the-fly, depending on the defined category and sub category
  • No manual or predefined data structure creation is required


Transform any available data in real time.

  • Customized data sets for personal, restricted and public utilization
  • Interoperability with all data sources
  • Move from ETL to personalized ELT
  • Multiple transformations on single source of truth
  • Utilization of same raw organizational data assets/information from multi-business units perspective
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